Rites of Passage

Devani is available to create custom Art and Altars for Rites of Passage – Wedding Ceremonies, Women’s Work, Land Blessings and other precious moments in time. Weaving together sacred symbols with the Earth.

Wedding Ceremonies

Devani is available for Weddings to create Altar Pieces into the earth, using symbology to represent the union of the couple. Using all natural materials from the earth:

flowers, seeds and other earth offerings.

An opportunity to plant prayers of union into the earth to support the journey of union. Using sacred designs and earth materials. Adding beauty and a centre to ground the celebration.

Women’s Work

Through her work with the Mexica Elders and the Moondance tradition, Devani has embraced with great love the pillars of these profound mystery teachings.  

Working with the Altar and the elements as a centre piece for Women to come together. In reverence to heal and pray – for ourselves, our families and our Mother Earth.

With earth offerings and water prayer we can connect to these feminine elements within ourselves and the Mother Earth.

Coming soon, Women’s Work and Retreat’s at our property in Northern NSW