Reawakening – reframing – realigning – remembering – relationship – reunite

There is a connection that happens when we gather natural materials that have a special meaning to us. Then, with intention, we create an art piece or altar. We may be drawn to the colours, the textures, the smells, medicinal qualities, or what they symbolize to us. We may have a personal symbol that we draw into the earth with rocks or sand, it may express a prayer we wish to plant into the earth, where it can be held and nurtured. This creates a connection with mother earth, also a trust in the process of the mystery, that is life. This connection, alchemical process brings healing to ourselves and the earth.

As we connect with Mother Earth and give offerings of beauty and create imprints of sacred symbols & designs we remember ourselves as children of the Earth. From the depth and simplicity of this relationship magic unfolds.