Devani is an Earth Artist
She creates Earth Art, Altars and Installations,
for personal and planetary healing.

Photo by Hayley Melrose

~  Devani Cadden  ~

Each year Devani feels blessed to travel between Australia and Costa Rica where she works with Indigenous Elders of many traditions. These experiences of art, dance and ceremony influence her work deeply.

Devani has worked in remote Indigenous communities developing and facilitating art and art therapy programs. She has authored an earth based creative art program for children with anxiety and disabilities. Also Devani has worked with a Non for Profit Organisation for adults with disabilities creating and running dance, music and art programs. Devani now creates art with a symbolic and ceremonial nature, using natural materials.

She is inspired by a vision to activate a remembrance of reverence for- ourselves, the earth, our families, the cycles of life and the elements. Providing a deeper connection to the earth and healing through the creative process. When we come out of our own personal stories and into a relationship with the Earth deep transformation occurs.

She is known for the beauty she creates, the gentle activism of her work, the depth and passion she brings to her art and facilitation.